Julien Regnier


Leader del French Mogul Team, Julien è una delle figure più visionarie dello sci freestyle dagli anni 90. Dopo aver concluso la sua carriera come freestyler in seguito alle Olimpiadi di Nagano, è stato il capostipite della nuova scuola che ha mescolato freestyle, urban e free ride. Co-fondatore di Armada ski con l’altra icona JP Auclair e progettista del leggendario JJ, è in seguito divenuto progettista di Black Crows.

Former leader of the french mogul team, julien was one of the key visionaries of the evolution of freestyle skiing at the end of the 90’s. after putting an end to his freestyle skiing career following the nagano olympics, he was at the forefront of the rebellion against freestyle skiing’s growing conformity, and he actively participated in the emergence of the new school movement. he designed the first twin tip skis for rossignol, was one of the first frenchmen to have his own segments in american ski videos, and he was the co-founder of armada skis. he also designed pro-models, such as the famous jpvjulien ski, with his friend jp auclair.
He’s dabbled in filmmaking, including the popular up1 and he’s edited films for the famous poor boyz productions. with all these impressive projects, he almost pushes his incredible talent and creativity as a freestyle skier into the background, but each year, he’s back in films and magazines, making appearances that continue to honor the huge influence he has as a skier. Julien is one of the mainstay and trend leader of today’s world freestyle skiing.



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