Video Awards 2019

Milano Montagna Video Awards 2019 

Milano Montagna Festival 2019 is opening a call for the fourth edition of Video Awards, the contest dedicated to the promotion of independent movies about outdoor and mountain culture. More than 600 projects from all over the word joined last year’s edition.



Tell us a story about sport, adventure and whatever is linked to mountain and outdoors! This section collects videos which have as their main subject the sports that are linked to the world of mountains and outdoors (ski, alpinism, trekking, snowboarding, slackline, longboard, climbing and so on)


Tell us about the rediscovery of the landscape, of nature and of the culture of mountain areas. This section collects videos that show the natural mountain environment and the footprint left by man on the landscape, together with the culture and traditional heritage of people and communities that are linked to mountain life

OPEN YOUR EYES – Focus on climate change

Open your eyes about climate change! Show us the consequences on the environment, on the landscape and on the life of the inhabitants of mountains. This new section collects videos that, through the complaint of both negative actions and indifference, convey the importance of reconnecting to environment and acting in defence of it

  • It is possible to apply individually or in a group with one or more videos.
  • Movies can be realized either specifically for the contest or previously, but not before 1st January 2017.
  • Max duration: 15 min
  • Head of the Jury: Guido Perrini
  • Deadline 25 August
  • Free participation
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