Freeride Ski Museum

Freeride Ski Museum by Milano Montagna


The Freeride Ski Museum was born out of a desire to push curiosity of the discipline of freeride, with the aim of promoting its spirit and investigating the technology that supports it. It’s a celebration of the innovations and design that have made off-piste skiing more accessible, fun, creative – in short, the unforgettable experience we can enjoy today when snow blankets the mountains.

The museum offers an in-depth look at various historical and technical themes of the evolution that since the mid-90s has significantly improved the accessibility and versatility of this sport to mountain lovers and off-piste skiers alike.

The museum is virtual but, throughout the Sustainable Outdoor Days at BASE Milano, it was possible to experience the collection in real life, thanks to a temporary exhibition powered by First Track which brought 80 years of freeride history and 40 iconic skis at your fingertips.

The museum’s collection is continually evolving and updated so as to ensure its currency in both design and materials. The creators invite enthusiasts from all over the world to contribute to the project with comments, donations and feedback.

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