Video Awards


Siamo lieti di annunciarvi i vincitori della seconda edizione del concorso internazionale Milano Montagna Video Awards 2017.

Tra gli oltre 150 cortometraggi arrivati da tutto il mondo, questi quelli scelti dalla nostra giuria presieduta da Guido Perrini.

Sport and Mountain
Jon Glassberg con il cortometraggio CHINA DOLL [USA | 2016 | 19’]
China Doll is a provocative exploration of gender stereotypes, romance, and rock climbing.
With her ascent of China Doll, Colorado (USA), Heather Weidner nabs the first female ascent, and becomes the fourth woman in the world to climb a 5.14 traditional route. In the process she discovers that loving herself is the ultimate project. Is confidence a choice?



The Living Mountain
Mathieu Le Lay con il cortometraggio A SENSE OF WONDER [France | 2017 | 3’]
A vast silence swallows the sound. A kingdom of mountains rise majestically toward the heavens. A call of the wild to a wandering soul. A Sense of Wonder is a cinematic visual poem featuring a lone adventurer who seeks for wonder in the Dolomite mountains.




Mountain history and traditions
Leonard Kohli con il cortometraggio E.B.C. 5300M [Switzerland | 2016 | 14′]
E.B.C. 5300m is a film about the Everest Base Camp. The camp, set on a glacier, is assembled and dismantled every year for a period of 2 months. Between guides, cooks, government officials and guests, it houses a little bit less than 1,000 people . The film, throughs ambiences, shows the life and organization in the camp, and exposes the contrast between this ephemeral micro- city and the wild and mystical environment in which it is located.
A reflection on the overcrowding of the most prestigious and most widely summits and the emergence of extreme forms of tourisms.

Miglior film
Seth Boyden con il cortometraggio AN OBJECT AT REST [USA | 2015 | 6′]
An Object at Rest follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millennia, facing nature’s greatest obstacle: human civilization.




Miglior film Italiano
Kok Kevin con il cortometraggio AISTHAN [ITALIA | 2017 | 8’]
Il protagonista Aishtan (dal greco antico aisthanomai, “percepire attraverso i sensi”) affronta il suo Io interiore, utilizzando il funambolismo come mezzo per confrontarsi con l’esistenza: in equilibrio sopra l’abisso, con grazia e cautela.




Grazie a tutti per la preziosa partecipazione.